Homicides of Cops Are Down Under President Obama

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In a statement made by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Fox News, “President Obama has breathed life into this ugly movement,” in essences  Black Lives Matter and the “war on cops” Clarke says the president is at least partly responsible for.

Homicides of Cops are Down Under President

The right leaning news outlets would have its viewers believe that since President Obama has taken office attack on law enforcement has increased as part because of his support for those who are calling for police accountability and for not coming out and strongly condemning those who assault or kill those who are in law enforcement (which is also untrue).

Homicides of Cops are Down Under President Obama

The reality is homicides of cops are down under Obama.  Since President Obama has been in office the trend of officers being killed in the line of duty has been going down and is headed towards it lowest annual total in 15 years.  This is according to the website Officer Down Memorial which keeps a record of the cops killed in the line of duty, along with the causes of death.

Comparing side by side of intentional homicide (gunfire, vehicular assault and all other assaults, including stabbing) during the Bush and President Obama presidencies there have been far less intentional homicides of cops during Obama’s presidency than during Bush’s.

The First 6 years of Presidency proves homicides of cops are down under President Obama

  • Bush’s the total number of cops intentionally murdered was 426. This doesn’t count 911-related deaths, which would obviously skew Bush’s number higher.
  • Obama’s presidency, the total number of cops intentionally murdered was 382. That’s a 10 percent drop.

In 2007, 77 officers were intentionally killed vs 35 so far in 2015…if this trend holds true statistically there will be a total of 52 officers killed in the line of duty this year.  The lowest in 15 years.

Unfortunately, speaking about human lives as statistics is not something that we should take lightly.  No one wants anyone to be murdered or referred to as a statistic.

Ultimately very little of what the president says has an impact on how many in law enforcement are murdered; however, if this is the standard that many on the right will use the numbers show that far less are intentionally killed under President Obama than President Bush.

This should not be treated as a political issue.  We need  law enforcement, academians, policy makers, community, religious and other leaders to come together and figure out the root causes and prevention of murders of police and unarmed citizens.