A local videographer who asked if a Range Rover that Aldis Hodge who played MC Ren in ‘Straight Outta Compton’ was walking towards was his, Hodge responded that he drives a Toyota Prius. Hodge went on to talk about the importance of being financially responsible.

He explained that you make money by spending less than you earn, investing in business, saving as much as you can, and through other routes.

Aldis Hodge“This ain’t my Range, man. I’m in a Prius,” Aldis Hodge said. “I ain’t silly, brother. It ain’t nothing silly about driving a Range, but I save my money. Most people don’t even know how to treat money. They don’t know what money is. How real money is made. They think you get a job. You get a couple grand. You go buy the most expensive thing that you can. That’s not how you make money. You make money by—Get your check, spend less than you earn, stack away and save as much as you can, diversify, put that in the market, and invest in businesses. It’s not about driving flashy cars. It’s about having a very nice and healthy pension.”

Hodge, who is an artist himself, was later asked if it’s wise to invest money in art. He revealed that he wouldn’t invest all his money in art, but added that it’s not a bad investment overall.

“I’m very well-invested, brother…I make art. Depends on the artist,” he said when asked if it’s smart to invest in art. “But I wouldn’t put all my money into it. But no, it’s not necessarily a bad investment.”