True Dreamers Don’t Need Anyone’s Approval

A common theme that always seems to come up with some of the people I speak with is the need for approval. This group of people want approval from their friends, family, mentors, etc. It seems that for some, there need for approval seems to stop their progression and even kill their desire to succeed and win. If you’re one of those people who feel they need the approval of others to win then you’ve got it all wrong.

A true dreamer doesn’t need anyone’s approval to go after their goals and dreams. A true dreamer who really wants to win will be willing to go to the left if they feel led to when everyone else is going to the right. A true dreamer who wants to win is also willing to travel the road of the unknown. They’re willing to walk this road alone and with no support if they must. This is because they know that their dream is bigger than them. They feel some type of obligation to go after this dream. For a rare few, it’s literally reach the dream or die trying.

When I began this journey, I had very few people (if any) who believed in what I wanted to do. My friends and even some of my family thought I was crazy for not taking a job at a major company and pursuing an idea that didn’t pay right away.

As dreamers, we all have a vision that only we can see. This is the one thing that gets us excited about going after our dreams and goals. We know that if we stick with it something good is bound to happen!

For me, as a dreamer, I wanted to build something that would take care of my family long after I was gone. I wanted to leave a legacy and not outstanding funeral bills.

As I shared my goals with those around me that I wanted to become a motivational speaker and author, some people laughed at me. They told me I was crazy and that it would never happen for me. Others told me, that people would never listen to my story and that it wouldn’t add value to the lives of others. I found myself becoming hesitant to go after my goals and dreams because I didn’t have a real support system to help me or to lean on during the tough times. I had no one there to encourage me or simply tell me that they believed in what I was doing.

It was during these times, that I made one of the hardest decisions that a dreamer can make. I made the decision that I didn’t need anyone’s approval to go after my dream! That’s also the day I knew that I had to become my own encourager, motivator, and support during my tough times.

I remember when lost my first business. I then lost my new job six months after that. I then found myself living in my mother’s basement and drowning in my fears and failures. I’ve got nothing but lint in the bottom of my pockets and I have this crazy idea of one day telling people how to live their dreams.

I began to convince myself that all of the negative naysayers around me were right. I began to allow my current circumstances to influence my belief and what I was capable of.

During this time, there’s one thing that I learned that I think will help you as well.

I learned that the last chapter of my story hadn’t been written yet! That meant there was still time for me to change how this story ends! Yes, I was down, but I wasn’t out! I was being tested by life and I had to prove that I really wanted to win!

For the next four years, I sat in my mother’s basement and then the day came. The day that came was the day when I said enough is enough! No matter what it takes or who believes in me I’m going to make it! That was the day that my life changed for the better.

Now I say to you, you may not have the support you would like. Your family and friends may not agree with you and your vision. They may even call you crazy and attempt to discourage you!

If or when this happens, you must be willing to move forward without them. Know that God didn’t give them the vision. He gave the vision to you! It’s your job to begin moving forward on what you were called to do with or without them.

Yes, the road will be lonely at times. Yes, there will be times that you want to give up. Yes, you will face challenges and bad things will happen that you never would have guessed would happen to you.

But even in the midst of all of this, you must know and believe in your heart without a doubt, that no matter what… You’re going to make it!

I wish you nothing but success on your journey for a better life.