Compton Brickyard Project

The new development Compton Brickyard Project is a 58 acre/ 1,154,000 SF light industrial park.

The property is privately owned, and is currently zoned for heavy industrial use.

The property has operated as a landfill, brick manufacturing, outdoor storage, equipment operation training, and construction hauling facility for the last 70 years.

The project is smaller, shorter, and farther back from the street than what is allowed under the current zoning.

The developer will not use ANY public money to build the project – it is 100% privately financed.


compton-ca-light-industrialThe project will bring hundreds of industrial jobs to Compton.

Typical light industrial job opportunities are: expeditor, fork lift operators, inventory technicians, packaging employees, pick and pack workers, shift coordinators, shift managers, sorters, shipping and receiving, security, and warehouse staff roles, among others.

The developer will spend $100,000 in seed money to create an industrial jobs training program, in collaboration with Compton Unified School District and Compton Community College District, to help ensure Compton residents are qualified to compete for these new job opportunities as they become available.

The project will provide preferential hiring during construction for local and minority-owned subcontractors.


Compton Brick Yard Street ImprovementsThe project will donate approximately 2 acres of property to fully widen Sam Littleton Ave & McKinley Ave.

The project will add new traffic signals at Rosecrans Ave and McKinley Ave and Central Ave and 139th St.

The project will install fully landscaped sidewalks all the way around the perimeter of the property.

The project will plant over 500 new trees around the property, all maintained at the developer’s expense.

The developer will spend over $8,700,000 to widen, improve, and beautify the streets.


The Project will fund over $500,000 to the Compton Unified School District in permit fees when construction commences, and will provide over $300,000 per year in increased tax revenue to the School District after it is built.

The Project will fund over $500,000 per year to the Compton Employee Pension Fund, and over $500,000 per year to the City General Fund in increased tax revenue (after subtracting the costs of any services provided to the project by the City).

The Project will fund $45,000 to the repair and improvement of Jackie Robinson stadium.

Based on an independent study, the Project is forecasted to have an economic impact to the greater community of over $100,000,000 per year.