Regional Auto Theft Taskforce advises of Increase in Commercial Van Thefts. Offer Tips To Better Secure Your Vehicle

The Taskforce for Regional Auto Theft Prevention (TRAP) has noticed an increase in commercial work truck/van thefts throughout Los Angeles County.  These thefts typically involve:

Ford Econoline

Ford Econoline

Chevrolet Express

Chevrolet Express

GMC Savanna

GMC Savana





These type of vans are usually owned by various contractors.  The vehicles are typically stolen for the contents inside and once taken, those contents are usually stolen.


TRAP would like to inform you of measures you can take to prevent these types of thefts:

1.     Consider installing a G.P.S. or other anti-theft device

2.     Install commercial grade locks on all of the doors

3.     Complete a thorough inventory of all of the contents, in case the vehicle is stolen.

4.     Mark large pieces of equipment with unique identifiers so in case it is stolen, the equipment can be identified if recovered.

5.     If your vehicle is stolen, call your local police agency as soon as possible to report the theft.

6.     If possible, keep your commercial work vehicle secured in a well-lit area, in a garage, or behind a locked gate.

Anyone with information regarding these types of vehicle thefts is encouraged to contact the Taskforce at (626) 572-5610.