Lizette “Lucha” Arévalo 2015 Candidate for the Compton School Board

Lizette “Lucha” ArévaloLizette “Lucha” Arévalo is a proud alumna of the Compton Unified School District, where she currently seeks to be elected as its newest Board Member. Lucha’s extensive academic achievements and community involvement make her a qualified candidate for a position to better advocate for Compton students, teachers, and parents.

Lucha was not always noted as a Compton success story. Lucha struggled throughout her early academic years as an English language learner. She represents the often-untold stories of students with Spanish-speaking immigrant parents who struggle academically and who are often placed in remedial courses that prevent them from reaching their full potential. It was these types of experiences with Compton public schools that made Lucha into an activist, mentor, researcher, teacher, and a doctoral student in service of her community.

Lucha hopes this position will continue her struggle for educational justice.

Thank you!

Lizette “Lucha” Arévalo, M.A.

Candidate, Board of Trustee
Compton Unified School District