What are the educational strengths in the district?

Barbara Jean CalhounBarbara Jean Calhoun

They just start college course on campus. Two blue ribbon schools, Emerson elementary, student learning how to write and produce their own TV news program. Connecting Compton parents to student success. Parents team up with teachers to ensure students are ready to learn with Apple IPads in the class room.


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Gregory PittsGregory Pitts

To find the strengths of the school district you don’t have to look long. They can be found within the teachers and staff. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the school district that I believe for too long has gone untapped. We must better engage the faculty and staff in order to determine what works and what doesn’t. They are the front line of the work we do daily with students and they know what needs to happen to increase student success.

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Lizette “Lucha” ArévaloLizette “Lucha” Arévalo

It takes a village to raise a child. We have seen some educational strength at the elementary school level, where more parents are involved as volunteers and teachers have a better outlook on the academic chances of students. In recent years, we have had some schools win the National Blue Ribbon Award, which should serve as an example of what could be done at the middle and high school levels.


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Francisco OrozcoFrancisco Orazco

The District attracts teachers that are genuinely interested in helping students excel –simply because of the Compton name. In terms of other educational strengths, I cannot see any progress.