How would you resolve parent and staff concerns?

If a parent or a principal comes to you regarding, for example, a maintenance issue at a particular campus or a situation involving a particular teacher, how do you see your role as a school board member in resolving that issue?


Gregory PittsGregory Pitts Jr

My role would be to investigate the issue and lead the way with regard to finding a solution and putting a workflow in place that can be followed consistently so that when the issue arises again, there is a system in place to address it.



Lizette “Lucha” ArévaloLizette “Lucha” Arévalo

As a board member, it will be my duty to serve the people. I understand people will come to me with questions and concerns all the time. I will have to deliver results or point them in the right direction. I intend to have conversations and visit campuses unannounced. It will be my job to manage appropriately, know the issues at every school, and to make sure that problems are immediately addressed.






Micah AliMicah Ali

As a Boardmember for the past eight years, I’ve worked hard to tackle both large structural problems and smaller day-to-day issues. It’s important that our School Boardmembers understand when to intervene and attempt to fix a specific issue at a school site, when to allow principals or educators to handle the issue, and when to make a policy fix at the district level so that the issue doesn’t arise again. In all cases, it’s important to follow district policy, treat everyone with respect, and clearly communicate with all parties involved.


Francisco OrozcoFrancisco Orozco

I will contact the Superintendent and instruct him/her mediate a resolution, then update me until the concerned party feels a solution has been reached. If the problem is part of a systematic problem, then I will propose policy to the rest of the board to get resolution.




Barbara Jean CalhounBarbara Jean Calhoun

School board policies and procedures.  I would listen and ask if parent/principal have spoken with Superintendent. I would follow-up with superintendent on issues/complaint without mention of names.