What experience do you have with complicated budgets? When you are given a nearly 200-page budget for the district, what will be your process to determine if it is a good budget for the system?


Micah AliMachi Ali

Over the past eight years, I’ve worked hard to serve as a watchdog over our district’s budget. I am proud to report that under my leadership, our district has significantly reduced legal expenses, saved over $2.4 million in energy costs, avoided shortening the school year, and made critical investments in campus infrastructure. Many of the budget deficits that plagued our district in the past have been eliminated.



Gregory PittsGreg Pitts

As a resident of Compton and a homeowner, I serve in many capacities. In one of those roles, serve as the HOA President of the Compton Willow Walk Corporation. As the board president, I am responsible for addressing various operational issues (e.g., maintenance, finances, security, architectural review, etc.). In addition, I lead various committees and task forces that are necessary to address special issues, and manage an annual $300,000 budget. When developing the annual budget, there are many factors that must be considered in order to minimize the impact to all involved.


Lizette “Lucha” ArévaloLizette “Lucha” Arévalo

Although I do not have experience with complicated budgets, I’ve examined the district’s budget and it is not rocket science. One can learn as she goes.





Barbara Jean CalhounBarbara Jean Calhoun

Prior school board and city council budgets. Have a 2-3 month budget workshop in stages so you’ll know and where money is being spent.




Francisco OrozcoFrancisco Orazco

I’ll seek support from District Analysts to break down the budget for myself and anyone else that may be interested in reading the budget.

Again, a budget is a reflection of values, but if people cannot see what true values you hold, then there is a potential for misleading them.

If an ordinary resident cannot be expected to read through a 200 page budget, then we are in need of making it easier to understand.