What Do Compton Schools Need Today:

What are the district’s greatest capital needs right now? How do you think those needs should be addressed?  What are the factors on which you will base your decisions as a school board member?


Gregory PittsGreg Pitts

The school buildings are in disrepair and we must come up with a realistic capital improvement plan.  My decisions will be based on what is best for students, teachers and staff. That will be my driving force.




Lizette “Lucha” ArévaloLizette “Lucha” Arévalo

Our school environments are hazardous and outdated, but we do not need to pass a Measure (S) Bond to address this. The district must come up with creative alternatives to revamp our schools. Enough of laying the burden on tax payers. Compton home and business owners pay enough taxes as it is!





Micah AliMachi Ali

Our district has a number of schools that were built a long time ago, including Compton High School, which is over 100 years old. We desperately need to invest in needed infrastructure to ensure all of our students are learning in safe and comfortable environments.

I’m a strong supporter of Measure S, which is the school funding bond on the November 2015 ballot.

The measure will issue $350,000,000 in bonds to “construct and renovate local schools, sites, and facilities, including research libraries, modern classrooms and science labs, media and performing arts centers, technology centers and athletic complexes; repair safety hazards and security systems; replace worn-out roofs, plumbing, heating, electrical, and other systems.” I believe the passage of this bond measure is critical to giving our students the 21st Century facilities that they deserve.


Barbara Jean CalhounBarbara Calhoun

The greatest capital need is to build a new school, overall schools infrastructure and pass a school bond. The board needs to get creative and fund our ever growing capital needs if the bond isn’t pass on November 3 2015.




Francisco OrozcoFrancisco Orazco

We have no great capital needs, we have a great leadership need.