Councilwoman Emma Sharif 4th District Business Roundtable

Councilwoman Emma Sharif 4th District Business Roundtable at the Dollarhide Center

Last Thursday Councilwoman Sharif of the 4th District brought together businesses, community leaders, government officials, chamber leaders and law enforcement to speak about various community and business topics such as prostitution & human trafficking, public and private partnerships and workshops on starting a legal business in the City of Compton.

Newly hired City Manager Roger Haley addressed the attendees about his priorities to make Compton a more business friendly city by prioritizing:

  • Cleanliness

  • Graffiti Removal; and,

  • Safety

The City Attorney Craig Cornwell talked about his departments successful efforts  in shutting down 6 illegal marijuana dispensaries (one stopped selling voluntarily) in Compton’s jurisdiction by partnering with the Los Angeles County Sheriff department.

The informative workshops on city municipal code regarding businesses, obtaining a business license and permits in Compton were lead by the Director of Community Development Steve Masura and Code Enforcement officials.

Councilwoman Emma Sharif 4th District Business Roundtable

Councilwoman Sharif said, “We took one step closer toward achieving the goal of improving relationships between city government and our community business sector. This dialogue was much-needed because it is in our joint interest to share insights, problems, and solutions to maximize the growth and efficiency of our community.”