Donald Trump pulls the race card promoting false race based crime statistics from an obvious false source.

November 22nd, Donald Trump Pulls the Race Card manually re-tweeted an image of a man (in this context, assumed to be to be an African American male), wearing a bandanna to cover his face while pointing a gun sideways at a list of completely made up statistics.

First and foremost, the “Crime Statistics Bureau” does not exist. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) publishes the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR). These reports are the official data reports on crime in the United States.

Second and something that is key the reporting year for 2015 is not over yet; therefore, data from 2015 from the FBI has not been released yet.

The statistics that Trump seemed to support had a huge margin of error: by about 66%, for both claims. From the FBI’s 2014 report on U.S. homicides, of the 3,021 Caucasian murder victims, 2,488 of their assailants were white, or 82%.

Donald Trump Pulls the Race Card

Screen Capture from FBI Uniform Crime Reports:

Trump’s statistics ring just as wrong for whites killed by blacks. While the fear-mongering graphic claims it’s at 81%, it’s really 15%, according to the FBI’s statistics — much less than the mogul’s tweet would suggest.

The other “data” suggested blacks killed by whites were at 2% while blacks killed by blacks were at 97%. Again, wrong.

The real numbers behind blacks killed by whites in 2014 are at least three times more than Trump’s tweet suggested, at 7%. Blacks killed by blacks are more than 10% less than the bogus numbers in the presidential candidate’s tweet.

The image itself could be based off of phony numbers. While it’s cited from San Francisco’s “Crime Statistics Bureau” as data from 2015, the city’s annual police reports end at 2014 and do not break down homicides by race.

The tweet was originally sent by @SeanSean252 in a threaded argument about white supremacists to support his point of view.

In replies to Trump’s controversial tweet, users have called him out on sharing the bogus numbers as if they were fact.