Alonzo Williams talks about NWA-Not Without Alonzo.  He is the Founder of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Edutainment Center, creator of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru and also known as the “Godfather of West Coast Rap”. During his more than twenty-five plus years in the music industry, Lonzo has helped to structure the futures of some of today’s hottest talents such as Dr. Dre, Battlecat, DJ Rectangle and Ice Cube to mention a few.


Alonzo Williams Talks About NWA-Not Without Alonzo

Alonzo says the reason why he wrote the book was to get his story out and answer the stories that have been told about him about what others have said about him.

“There has been books there’s been subject matter written about me and nobody bother to ask me a damn thing. So I took the time out to put put my story on paper make it a part of somebody’s library.  So that they can get my story directly from me.”

Alonzo Williams Talks About NWA-Not Without Alonzo

Williams is also in constant demand around the United States as a public speaker and authority on the beginnings of West Coast Hip Hop and has been featured on MTV, VH1, and Los Angeles Times as well as other industry trades such as Source, Vibe etc. Williams was also an integral figure in the best selling music industry documentary “Welcome to Death Row”, an expose on the most news worthy Hip Hop label in the world. His personal goal is to teach not only the ins and outs of performing and song writing, but also encourage entrepreneurship in the youth of today in regards to the music industry and all it has to offer.