Compton Sheriff Deputies Rescued An Abandoned Newborn

This past Friday Compton Sheriff Deputies rescued an abandoned newborn female baby believed to be only 24-36 hours old. Deputies Perry and Collette responded, and they heard a baby’s muffled cries as they canvassed the area. She was found alive covered in a hospital blanket along the bike path underneath pieces of asphalt and rubble.Compton Sheriff Deputies Rescued An Abandoned Newborn


The Compton Fire Department paramedics also responded to a call at the riverbed located at Slater Avenue and 136th Street who then treated her and took her to the hospital.

Sgt. Marvin Jaramilla from the special victim unit of the Sheriff’s Department said that the baby had been cold to the touch and was immediately wrapped in a blanket prior to being taken to a hospital.

The baby will stay at the hospital for now so that she can be observed properly.

Officials are now seeking any help from the public with information on this abandonment. Regional Crime Stoppers are also accepting anonymous tips at their phone number 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). According to the Safety Surrendered Baby law, parents have the option of leaving a baby that is 3 days or younger at any fire station or hospital in the LA county.

Jaramilla said that babies are abandoned or harmed sometimes by parents who don’t think they’re ready or have the means to take care of a child. Some parents of newborns do find themselves in hard circumstances