New City of Compton App being launched 2/15/16 at zero cost to taxpayers!

We live in a mobile world. With new research indicating that smartphone users outnumber basic phone users and 100 million Americans are relying on iPhone, Android or Windows to power their day, it’s no surprise that people are yearning to get more done on their phones. New City of Compton App will help accomplish that.

And now, the City of Compton heed the call of smarter mobile tools.  Tuesday night at the city council meeting a demonstration of the city’s new mobile app was given by T.J. Sokoll, CEO of NEAD and the creator of My Civic App.

5-cities-benefiting-from-mobile-apps-64c6ef03abNew City of Compton App

The city already has an app, but the updates made by the new app includes:

A quick start button for important phone numbers for citizens to access.

  • City Hall section to access the member of city hall
  • “How Do I?” section making it easier for citizens to find out how to navigate the app.
  • A calendar section that coincides with the city calendar of events.
  • A major improvement is the “Request Management Feature”

New City of Compton AppThis gives the citizen the ability to report potholes and graffiti, anonymously if desired, that will go directly to the public works department.  If a person leaves their information they will be able to monitor the progress of their report so that they will know when those things have been taken care of.

The way the app would is based on a geo-location finder to pin point where the report is coming from.  On the next screen is a place to include notes and pictures of what is being reported.  If more information is needed the department can have a two-way communication with the reporter to let them know exactly where it is in the process.

Getting Feed Back From The Citizens

The new City of Compton app will also give the city a way to push out surveys and to get feedback on different topics.  Van Wilson, Compton General Services Manger,  added that in a previous version of the app the when a pot hole was reported there was a breakdown with follow up which was a disservice to the community.  With the updated version this will be addressed and will be well received.

The projected launch date is February 15, 2016 and will be available on all platforms.

Public Private Partnership at no cost to the city

My Civic App has created the app at no cost to tax payers and has offered their services to host a Hack-A-thon to teach residents how to code and start their own businesses on the internet.


NEAD, Inc. (No Ego Apps Development) is a cutting-edge app development agency that has evolved into an international endeavor with exclusive affiliations in numerous countries and an enviable list of high-profile clients. Founded in 2009 by T.J. Sokoll, NEAD, Inc. offers iPhone and Android app development, custom cloud-platform development and digital strategy consulting for enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Within the short span of five years, NEAD has developed more than 200 mobile apps and 15+ platforms, including Udesign, Learn From the Best and Ding It-a testament to Sokoll’s belief that all people deserve the opportunity to promote themselves, expand their business and market their brand, whatever and wherever it may be.