Possible Action By Teachers May Disrupt Compton Campuses


Possible Action By Teachers May Disrupt Compton Campuses

We have learned that some of our teachers are considering an action later this week, which may disrupt our schools and our students. It is our understanding that this action is related to the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations between the District and Compton Education Association.

We respect the right of our teachers to express their concerns; however, on behalf of our students and their families, we ask our teachers to reconsider this action. Taking this action at this time would unfairly put our students in the middle of the negotiation process.

We are in the midst of a profound turnaround in Compton schools. Our students are doing much better: We’re graduating more seniors, we just opened an early college high school and our schools are winning prestigious national awards. Our teachers deserve much credit for these achievements. This is not the time to slow down or jeopardize our hard-earned gains, but to continue to work together to achieve excellence in our schools and programs.

We have been negotiating for a year with the teacher’s association to settle on a new collective bargaining agreement. The District has offered an ongoing salary increase of 2% as well as to increase the annual medical benefits cap for teachers by $1,000.  This is in addition to the 5% on schedule salary increase the teachers received for the 2013-14 school year.

To put these offers into historical perspective, it is important to remember that unlike other school districts across the state, during the recent recession, Compton Unified School District employees never received a reduction in salaries nor were furlough days implemented.

We were fair to our employees during the difficult times of the recession and we are being fair now.

We have proposed what we believe to be a fair offer that maintains the fiscal integrity of the district while at the same time complying with the new school funding model’s requirements regarding the use of supplemental and concentration grant funds, which require school districts to provide additional services to students in order to spend that funding on raises.

We ask our teachers to continue to work with us towards a contract we can all live with. Please – don’t put our students and their families in the middle of these negotiations.

We want to assure our parents and community we will be doing everything we can to avoid losing valuable classroom time and we are also working to ensure our campuses continue to be the safest possible place for our students.
We look forward to continuing the negotiation process to reach a solution that provides services to students, compensates our employees, and maintains the fiscal solvency of the District.