School Board Appoints Alma Pleasant as New Board MemberCompton Unified School District’s (CUSD) Governing Board of Trustees appointed new Board Member Alma Pleasant, Tuesday, February 2, during a special meeting.

Pleasant will complete a two-year term vacated by Board Member Charles Davis.

For over 35 years she has been working for the City of Compton’s Parks and Recreation department where she has supported special activities for children, adults, and seniors.

Pleasant is also a product of Compton Unified schools – she attended Mona Park Elementary (now King Elementary) and Bunche Middle School – and she is the mother of two adult daughters.

“I’m here to help move our schools forward. I want to do what’s best for our students, teachers, and the city as a whole. If we have kids who are better educated then we will have a better environment,” Pleasant said.

“Although we need students to be college and career ready, it’s very important that they also master their basic skills like math and reading. If they can master the fundamentals, they can go anywhere.”

Board of Trustees President Satra Zurita said the appointment of new Board Member Alma Pleasant will bolster efforts to increase academic achievement for all students.

“The success and safety of our students are the top two priorities for the Compton School District. The addition of Alma Pleasant to the Compton School Board markedly strengthens our Board,” she said.

“She is committed to the goal of making sure that Compton’s children are college and career ready.”