The City of Compton Rolls Out New City Phone App

A little more than a month ago in city council it was announced that the City of Compton would have a new phone app.

That day has arrived.

Compton Rolls Out New City Phone AppCompton Rolls Out New City Phone App

The City of Compton launched its new mobile App which is now available at the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

The app was created at no cost to the city by T.J. Sokoll of My Civic App.

It has a very good launch interface that takes you to 7 quick start buttons.

  • City Hall – Highlights the city council members and city departments.
  • How Do I? – Takes the user to information about how to obtain city services.
  • About Us – Gives historical and current information about the city.
  • Places – Features
  • Calendar – Events in the city will be able to be saved to your phone calendar.
  • News
  • 24 Hour Service
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“In the near future there will be a request management feature.  You will have the ability to report potholes and graffiti that will go right to the public works department ,” said T.J. Sokoll. Your phone will geo-locate where you are in the city, and the next screen has the an area to add more notes.

The City General Services Director, Van Wilson, explained that from the first app, “We learned a lot of lessons.”  Where there was a front end area where citizens could report issues the back end for flow up was not there.  With this version reports go to a designated representative for follow up.


NEAD, Inc. (No Ego Apps Development) is a cutting-edge app development agency that has evolved into an international endeavor with exclusive affiliations in numerous countries and an enviable list of high-profile clients. Founded in 2009 by T.J. Sokoll, NEAD, Inc. offers iPhone and Android app development, custom cloud-platform development and digital strategy consulting for enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Within the short span of five years, NEAD has developed more than 200 mobile apps and 15+ platforms, including Udesign, Learn From the Best and Ding It-a testament to Sokoll’s belief that all people deserve the opportunity to promote themselves, expand their business and market their brand, whatever and wherever it may be.

Compton Rolls Out New City Phone App
Article Name
Compton Rolls Out New City Phone App
The City of Compton Rolls Out New City Phone App in the Google Play and Apple Apps Store. The new app has many features to help connect the citizens with City Hall.
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