Compton’s REAL Daily News Ignored By Mainstream Media

Compton's Daily News Ignored By Mainstream MediaStudents getting good grades and citizens obeying the law; why don’t these stories make the daily Compton news??

For our city, it would be impossible to report all of the good things happening every day. We are a city of law abiding, tax paying, hard working men, women and families. Your local 5th grade class taking a field trip may not be news worthy, but the gun found at school is.

As neighbors, business owners, and citizens of Compton's Daily News Ignored By Mainstream Media - Linda ScottCompton we often strain to find the “positive” in the daily feeds, tweets and emails we receive from a myriad of news outlets.

We scroll and hope to read something positive about our Mayor, our City Council, our Sheriff Department, and our City.  We want to be viewed as a positive, progressive city. But is just wanting it ever enough?

By no means should we ever advocate the reporting of only positive stories. Good investigative pieces and general watchdog reporting is as essential to Compton's Daily News Ignored By Mainstream Media - City Labour city as fair elections are.

As citizens of Compton, we should all crave and value a healthy dose of critical journalism. But are all journalists really seeking the truth about our community? Are the only stories given prominence in the paper or newscasts are those of conflict, violence or controversy? As responsible citizens we should reject the focus on ONLY negative stories.

This lopsided view of our city in no way upholds the promise of objective journalism – to be accurate, fair and balanced.