COMPTON –Compton Mayor Aja Brown will be joined by local law enforcement leaders to address the recent surge in violence and the City’s plans going into the summer.

In 2015 Compton became part of a second group of cities to become part of the Department of Justice’s Violence Reduction Network (VRN) which was launched in 2014 to create opportunities for cities to directly engage with the United States Department of Justice in developing strategies to combat chronic, violent crime. The two-year program has enabled Sheriff’s Department officials at the Compton Station to work closely with the Department of Justice and city officials to address 12 key areas, including gang violence and prevention, human trafficking, mental illness and homelessness, at-risk youth and trust-building in the community.

The Violence Reduction Network provides the Sheriff’s Department with technical assistance and access to resources as part of a robust violent crime strategy that is supported by federal law enforcement agencies. The Justice Department program seeks to maximize resources to ensure that cities dealing with chronic violence have a strategic way to access resources such as training and exposure to evidence-based best practices across the country. Compton was selected to be part of VRN, in part, because of LASD Sheriff McDonnell’s recognition of the value and benefits presented by this unique opportunity, as well as the deep commitment of LASD and local government officials to partnerships and civic engagement aimed at crime reduction.

For the next two years, the Sheriff’s Department and the City of Compton will benefit in a number of ways. The core components of the Violence Reduction Network include expedited access to subject matter experts who can provide training and insight into the critical issues – such as use of force, community trust-building and information sharing with peer-to-peer exchanges – that can provide a more thorough understanding of what drives violent crime and what solutions have worked in other cities.

In addition to access to training and evidence-based solutions to community-building and crime reduction, the Violence Reduction Network also enables Compton Station’s gang enforcement, narcotics detectives and cyber-crimes teams to strategically partner with Justice Department components on intelligence gathering, sharing, warrants service and major operations.