Compton Unified School District Campus Improvements
Satra Zurita—President, Compton School Board

Compton Unified School District Campus Improvements

If you live in Compton, you’ve probably noticed that we have a lot of construction and repair activities going on at our schools.

Compton Unified School District Campus Improvements – As I’ve been saying recently—“Please Pardon Our Progress”.

The deterioration of some of the physical education facilities, buildings and equipment at our schools has been troubling to me. But we simply didn’t have the money to address it.

Now we do.

Thanks to the efforts of our school leaders like Superintendent Darin Brawley and your school board members, we’ve secured nearly $39 million from the state of California for our Emergency Repair Program and are wasting no time in putting it to work.

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121 different projects have been identified and funded.

Over $14 million is going to playfields, so that our children—and our community—can have more and safer places to play. We know what you know– -an active child is healthier and does better in school.

25 projects at our high schools, middle schools and elementary schools will be completed—most of them by this fall.

Roofing repair projects are also long overdue so we funded 27 different projects at schools throughout the district. We will invest over $11 million in roof repair alone.

In addition, there is paving, plumbing, siding, fencing and flooring projects that have either been done or will soon be done.

We understand that while the work is going on it can be a hassle for parents, students, and staff but it’ll be worth it.

As Emerson elementary principal Sydney Ritchie Burnett said recently, her students are very excited about what their school is going to look like very soon.

“We are always working to make sure students excel at reading, writing, and math, but they also need to have the opportunity to discover other talents and gifts. Now with the proper facilities they can try out a new sport and stay healthy. And when students are healthy they are in school learning,” she said.

“It’s a win-win for all of us here.”

She’s right.

All this activity is great for the community too. In addition to helping improve the economy in Compton by bringing jobs to our city, these facilities will be used by members of the community, too. So our soccer, softball and basketball teams and others who are looking for sports facilities will have new and better options.

The turnaround in our schools is happening because all of us are working together in order to create an environment where our students can succeed and be safe.

The Emergency Repair Program is just another example of why I like to say “It’s a Great Day in Compton”.

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If you live in Compton, you’ve probably noticed that we have a lot of construction and repair activities going on at our schools.—“Please Pardon Our Progress”.
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